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Perforated sheet

Perforated steel with German quality – stamped directly from the Coil

Perforated sheets

Applications of perforated plate are presented in an extremely wide range of products:

• perforated sheets and plates with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 30 mm

• complex electrical cabinets

• supporting pipes filters

• drum for sieving and recycling

• vibrating sieves

• curtain walls and ceilings

• railings

• noise insulation barriers

• shelves

• containers

• metal furniture and

• many other metal products

For your specific needs we can offer competent advice and production, given parameters.

Stocks include a perforated sheet with square and round holes of the following materials and sizes:

- Black steel, brand: DD11 or DC01-A

- Galvanized steel, brand: DX51 D + Z

- Stainless steel mark: 1.4301

- Aluminum 99.5%

Standard Sizes of sheets:

- 1000h2000 mm

- 1250h2500 mm

- 1500h3000 mm

- Thickness: 0.6-3.0 mm